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Family Pack

Family Pack

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Save $255 on the Milo Family Pack. The bundle includes 4 Milos and 16 clips (4 of each) for different attire and equipment. Share the campaign offer with a couple of friends – or invest in the Crew Pack yourself, so you can always equip family and friends with the coolest Action Communicators on the planet.

Family Pack Includes:

  • 2 x Miloberry Red Milo
  • 1 x Equinox Black Milo
  • 1 x Solstice White Milo
  • 4 x Bike Clips
  • 4 x Armband Clips
  • 4 x Pocket Clips
  • 4 x Action Clips


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What's in the box?

Milo Pack Render - MILOBERRY RED - Oct 2022

Milo x 1


Action Clip


USB charge cable


Lanyard x 3


Dust and water cap x 3

“Milo: the modern action sports walkie-talkie.”
“…communicate with your fellow adventurers simply by talking.”

Michelle Parker

Red Bull athlete, pro-skier

Red Dot Award, Best of the Best 2022
“Milo is to walkie-talkies… as GoPro was to handycams.”
“Gadget of the week: Milo. Make your adventure-sports activities a more sociable affair.”
“Epic times ahead with Milo, this changes everything.”

Gabe Ferguson


IDSA Gold Awards 2022
“… being able to go for a big chatty group ride without all being in droplet-swapping distance sounds EXTREMELY SMART.”
“Meet the next big thing in action sports technology.”
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Small, light and packed with power

Milo™ is packed with groundbreaking technologies and powerful hardware and fits in the palm of your hand. Enjoy seamless multi-way voice, hands-free, phone-free, wind noise reduction, a full day of battery life and much more.

Choose your preferred wearing style

Wear Milo™ on your upper body near your mouth and ears, in a position where you can easily reach it with one hand if, for example, you need to mute your Milo™. You can choose different wearing styles depending on your attire or activity. You can also mount your Milo™ on a handlebar or a backpack.

More Accessories

  • Neck Gaiter


    Made from 100% Merino wool.

    Neck Gaiter
  • Pocket Clip


    The clip’s spiral coil lets you wear Milo™ on the outside of a zippered pocket. Slide the coil onto the pocket opening, snap in your Milo™, and secure in place by closing the zipper.

    Pocket Clip
  • Collar Clip


    Wear your MiloTM on the collar of a jacket or to the neck of a t-shirt.

    Collar Clip
  • Armband Clip


    The non-slip grip pattern and adjustable strap give you the perfect fit when you prefer to not clip your MiloTM directly to your clothes or equipment.

    Armband Clip
  • Carry Case


    Premium carry case to hold 1 Milo, clip and charging cable (not included). Includes 1 carabiner.

    Carry Case
  • Black Beanie


    Made from 100% Merino wool.

    Black Beanie
  • Action Clip


    This versatile clip is ideal for mounting your MiloTM on a bag strap or on the side of your helmet.

    Action Clip
  • Bike Clip


    The curved rubber grip and elastic band let you mount MiloTM in the ideal location on your bike handlebars.

    Bike Clip

Clear voice in all conditions

Talk clearly with everyone in your group, even in noisy environments. Six digital low-distortion microphones and sophisticated wind- and background noise reduction deliver clear voice in all conditions.

Easy group voice chat

Enjoy seamless multi-way voice chat with everyone in your group. The patented MiloNet™ network allows everyone in the group to talk at the same time.

Hands-free talk

No need to push buttons to communicate. You just… talk. Attach Milo securely to your clothing or handlebar using one of the purpose-designed clips leaving your hands free.

Long range MiloNet™

Milos create their own mesh network, so you don’t need Wi-Fi or a phone signal. The range between two Milos is 600 m / 2000 ft depending on the terrain. The MiloNet mesh network can extend that range when your group spreads out.
milo_family_packFamily Pack

Availability: In stock