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Milo vs Cardo

Hands-free - No push to talk
Any adventure sports
Helmet sports only
Mounting options
Flexible - jacket, helmet, bike handle-bars
Must be wired into a helmet
Range on a typical bike trail
over 1000m (3000 feet)
less than 300m (1000 feet)
Simple, no app needed
Complicated, requires app and wiring into a helmet
Built in speaker
No, must use wired ear-phones in helmet
Built in microphones
No, requires a boom microphone or wired mic next to mouth
Voice controlled side-chats
Group alerts
Custom recorded name
Group Notifications
Connect to Bluetooth headset

Multi-Way Voice

All members in a group can speak naturally at the same time.

Advanced Wind and Background Noise Reduction

Sophisticated wind- and background noise reduction algorithms combined with six digital low-distortion microphones deliver clear voice in all conditions.

Waterproof and rugged

Milo™ is designed to meet the challenges you face on all active adventures. It’s impact resistant, dust- and waterproof and can be fully submerged in water.

Reliable MiloNet™

Milos™ create a secure mesh radio network. No Wi-Fi or phone signal needed. The range between two grouped Milos™ in clear terrain is usually at least half a kilometer (third of a mile), often more.

Simple Milo Clips

Each unique Milo™ clip uses a magnet to snap in your Milo™, triggering a secure mechanical lock that keeps Milo™ in place even on the roughest rides.

All Day Battery

The integrated rechargeable battery provides a full day of use on a single charge under normal conditions, even in cold weather. If needed, you can use a portable power bank to charge Milo™ while still talking to your group.

Private and Secure

Milo™ creates its own encrypted network for your group. That means you don’t need to pick a channel, and nobody outside your group can listen in on your conversations.

Bluetooth or Wired Headset Optional

Milo™ can be used with or without a headset. Connect with your favorite Bluetooth or wired headset for that in-ear sound experience.

Choose your preferred wearing style

Wear Milo™ on your upper body near your mouth and ears, in a position where you can easily reach it with one hand if, for example, you need to mute your Milo™. You can choose different wearing styles depending on your attire or activity. You can also mount your Milo™ on a handlebar or a backpack.

Armband Clip

The non-slip grip pattern and an adjustable strap gives you the perfect fit when you prefer to not clip your Milo™ directly to your clothes or equipment.


Bike Clip

The curved rubber grip and elastic band lets you mount Milo™ in the ideal location on your bike handlebars.

Action Clip

This versatile clip is ideal for mounting your Milo™ on a bag strap or the side of your helmet.


Collar Clip

Wear your Milo™ on the collar of a jacket, or to the neck of a t-shirt.

Pocket Clip

The clip’s spiral coil lets you wear Milo™ on the outside of a zippered pocket. Slide the coil onto the pocket opening, snap in your Milo™, and secure in place by closing the zipper.